I consider quality the highest form of value.

W Mart differentiates itself from the competition with premium quality and

customer satisfaction. W Mart will enable us to offer customers ever better services

and to operate efficiently. The strategic objective is to strengthen the customer

experience for consumers.

As a store that brings local and global products to you, I believe that community

extends beyond the boundaries of the towns and cities where we have stores. We’re

committed to improving the lives and opportunities of people in communities

around the world where we do business.

We want to serve you competently, efficiently, knowledgeably and with flair.

We hope to constantly innovate and raise our retail standards and create store

environments that are inviting and fun.


Thank you for visiting us.

Dilip Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

W Mart

We aim to generate greater appreciation and loyalty from all of our customers by educating them about natural and organic foods, health, nutrition and the environment.